Relief Roll On Gel 2000mg CBD+DMSO


Our 2000mg Relief Roll On Gel is our most popular product. Perfect for athletes or just an achy back, our Relief Roll On Gel is the perfect answer for tired, sore muscles and joints. The Relief Roll on is formulated with powerful natural ingredients such as arnica, menthol and hemp extract as well as a…

Natural Immunity Defense Kit


Life Pack’s Natural Immunity Defense kit can help you feel your best. It includes some of our best selling products to keep you healthy in mind and body. The prebiotic, Vitamin C, and Hemp Extract formulation is designed to give your body the things it needs to fight fatigue and external stressors.

30 Day Life Powder


Life Powder is specially formulated to be a part of your daily routine. It can easily be mixed into your favorite beverage. Full of vitamins, antioxidants, Inulin, and Hemp Extract, Life Powder is meant to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

30 Day Supply Stick Pack


The convenience of our best selling water-soluble Life Powder in a portable single serving. We don’t know about you, but we are always on the go, so we decided to make a things a little bit easier for everyone. Just toss one of our Stick Pack’s into your gym bag, briefcase, or backpack and you’ll…

30 Day Capsules


Our capsules are intended for daily use to allow you to life your best life. Two capsules daily will start you day out right.

Night Pack


We don’t know about you, but sometimes getting a good night’s sleep is difficult these days. Not to mention the anxiety of trying to fall asleep. That’s why we created the Night Pack! We included all natural ingredients, including hemp extract and melatonin to help ease you into a restful sleep. Forget about pharmaceuticals and…

Flight Pack


Our Flight Pack is perfect for frequent travelers. Whether you suffer anxiety due to running around the airport or train station, or are simply claustrophobic or anxious flying, the Flight Pack is perfect for you. It comes in a small, easy-to-carry package that you can simply toss in your travel bag for whenever you’re in…

Tattoo Aftercare


That new butterfly tattoo looks great! But did you know that you actually have to take care of it? Tattoos need a lot of TLC in the very beginning. This stuff is great for that. They also need a lot of TLC later on. This stuff is great for that too. Life Pack’s Tattoo Aftercare…

Moisturizing Body Butter


Life Pack’s Moisturizing Body Butter is a rich, non greasy formula that absorbs quickly and hydrates the skin. Formulated with Hemp Extract, Vitamin E, and Shea Butter, our Body Butter moisturizes and revitalizes. We also gave it a soothing Lavender scent using essential oils, so you’ll smell great and feel great.

Daily Skin Renewal


Daily Skin Renewal will keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated. Formulated with hydrating oils and peptides to build collagen, plus Retinol, a form of Vitamin A, to stimulate skin cell turnover. We’ve added Hemp Extract and Aloe for their healing and calming properties. Daily Skin Renewal is gentle enough to use every day, but…


Relax Bath Bomb


Life Pack’s Relax Bath Bomb is the perfect way to relax after a long, stressful day. It’s made with calming essential oils and hemp extract to help relax and restore you. All of our ingredients are natural, clean, gentle, and nourishing–the perfect end to your most hectic days.


Sleep Bath Bomb


Soak away the days tension to relaxation for a better night’s sleep. Our Bath Bomb has Hemp Oil Extract and essential oils to help calm the mind and relax the muscles.

Instant Freeze


Whether you have sore muscles from working out or just getting older, Instant Freeze can give you real relief. Simply massage Life Pack’s Instant Freeze into sore or achy muscles and let it go to work.

Massage Oil


Whether you are an athlete or a romantic, Life Pack’s Massage Oil should be on your bedside table. Made with all natural ingredients, including soothing essential oils, our massage oil helps to relieve aches and discomfort, and improve circulation.