Sean McNabb


Sean McNabb is an actor and accomplished musician who at the age of 10 discovered his destiny while watching the rock-opera Tommy. It’s The Who’s music that sparked a passion and a career.

Sean has appeared in many independent films including 2020’s Street Survivors, seasons 4-6 FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and Lifetime Movies. He has studied under Sal Romeo and Jeffrey Brooks. He studies with the Anthony Gilardi studio(2018+).

At 21, Sean moved to Los Angeles to hit the famed Sunset Strip. Within two weeks, he became the bassist for Quiet Riot, the first heavy metal band to hit the billboard charts during the 80’s. It led to a career with bands like Dokken, House of Lords, and Montrose, etc. with over 40 CD’s in his discography.

Sean is involved in charity events and hosting/emcee(Harley rides, golf tournaments) He is on the board of the Dio Cancer Fund. He is also a speaker for drug and alcohol recovery. Sean lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three dogs.