John Beck


With over 25 years of online advertising experience, Mr. Beck has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenues for companies such as, Intermix Media/Myspace, Buzztone, and Earthlink. A true “Start-Up” professional, Mr. Beck helped to develop and scale the Myspace Advertising platform from its infancy and streamlined the business processes and revenue models for Buzztone, iMall, and Earthlink. As the online media space has continued to evolve, Mr. Beck has become deeply immersed in Revenue Modeling, Dynamic Optimization, and Ad Serving technologies as the online publishing world is impacted by dynamically allocated, and often aggregated, online advertisers and advertising campaigns. Within every organization where Mr. Beck has spear-headed the sales efforts, his teams have maintained an extremely high client retention rate. Whether a true start-up or a long-standing fortune 500 company, Mr. Beck continues to find success in each and every venture in which he is involved. ‚Äč