Bruce T. Andersen

Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Andersen, President of The Andersen CPA Firm, has provided financial and accounting expertise to dozens of companies for over thirty years as a CPA in California. His clientele range from renewable energy to plastics to the aerospace industry.

Mr. Andersen has developed expertise in the California Cannabis industry, providing financial and accounting services to several dozen cannabis and hemp operators. Cannabis CPA Tax, a practice area of the Andersen CPA Firm is a premier boutique resource to the legal cannabis industry in the areas of tax, auditing, accounting, and systems. In 2019, he was asked to speak to over a dozen groups of CPAs and attorneys. The uniqueness of his expertise is his understanding of the complete system of the cannabis industry from seed-to-sale and the state’s METRC system down through the operator’s accounting system. This provides not only high-quality financial reporting but discrete cost and management reporting.

With his in-depth understanding of company operations and expansion plans, he has authored business plans yielding the capital requirements of many growing companies. One recent company with a sales turnover in excess of $100 million sought a capital raise of $20 million. After preparing the business plan, Mr. Andersen took the company through the due diligence process conducted by a national CPA firm. The capital was deployed in the company, helping the company double in sales.

Mr. Andersen holds advance degrees from Golden Gate University (M.S. Tax), Boston University (MSBA), and California State University-Bakersfield (MBA-Finance). He did his undergraduate work at Iowa State University earning a B.S. in Industrial Administration and then served in the Corp of Engineers, US Army in Europe. He has taught accounting, finance, and business systems courses in the School of Business, at the University of Phoenix where he has been on faculty for over fifteen years.