pain relief roll on Los Angeles

pain relief roll on Los Angeles

A tone of anecdotal evidence points out that CBD is excellent in relieving pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress. The trick is to figure out the fastest and safest way of introducing CBD into your system.

The World Health Organization states that the body only absorbs 6% of an ingestable product. Most CBD users are skeptical about the performance of topical CBD products and recommend a more direct administration method. Scientists, technicians, and entrepreneurs suggest CBD products that are directly on the skin, such as pain relief balms.

What is a CBD roll-on?

A CBD pain relief roll-on is the product that one applies to the skin for fast relief on a painful or inflamed part. The product’s CBD ingredients pass onto the surface from the pressure of the rolling ball at the tip. The roll-on works the same way as an antiperspirant, except it has skin-friendly oils and chemicals.  Our CBD roll-on contains the following properties:

  • Menthol for pain relief on muscles
  • A careful rolling ball craft at the tip
  • A small size that is portable for running, cycling, other training sports

Is our roll-on better than a cream?

A CBD cream or ointment is messy and takes more time because you have to wash your hands after every application. The roll-on reduces wastage and therefore saves you from buying another one too soon. The roll-on CBD sticks for pain relief is ideal for busy people who do not have time to go through the entire process of using a cream.

Why do people buy CBD infused balm?

The FDA does not classify CBD roll-on as a drug. It is easy to bump into counterfeit products that may contain toxic contaminants. Make sure you choose a reputable brand by first reading online reviews to project how it will live up to its claim. Here is why people prefer LifePack Organics CBD roll-ons.

  • A rich hemp-based CBD extract that contains the highest potential of healing components.
  • We use a lab verifiable CBD version that does not contain contaminants.
  • The opinionated backup of doctors, trainers, and athletes that place high regard on its effectiveness

How to use our CBD roll-on

It is self-explanatory to use a CBD roll-on by simply rolling it over the affected area. The following tips will, however, ensure you get more relief:

Application area

Pain does not always originate from the area you feel. An example is that a headache could be due to tension in the neck. Identify the original cause of your pain for faster and long-lasting relief.


It is unlikely that the roll-on will be active when you apply only one layer. Start with a small application and gradually increase it until it offers the prime intensity of relief at a faster rate.

Patch test

Do not apply the product on multiple areas without testing it on a small surface. This precaution is particularly recommendable for people with skin conditions like eczema and acne.

CBD roll-on topicals are one of the latest products in the market. Following the outline usage instructions is the fastest way of benefiting from out pain relief roll on in Los Angeles. Contact our customer care at 1-844-LIFE-PAK to verify the exact ingredients of the roll-on.


pain relief roll on Los Angeles